How to Prevent Weed Growth on Your Indianapolis Lawn

In the suburbs of Indiana, homeowners take pride in having an immaculate lawn. A freshly cut, green yard can make your house look nice on a summer day. However, weeds tend to ruin this perfect scene. Often appearing out of nowhere, weeds can spread their seeds all over your lawn, making it hard to eradicate them.

At Greenworks Lawn Care, we understand the struggle of keeping a spotless yard. Our Indianapolis lawn care services take the pressure off of you to do all the work yourself. You could be spending all summer pulling weeds, or you could sit back and relax and let our professionals do the lawn maintenance for you.

Why Are Weeds Invading Your Yard? 

Even though the probability of a weed cropping up is likely, you can still take preventative measures to minimize the risk of weed invasions. Weeds can manifest on your lawn for several reasons:

Removing Weed From YardBird and Animal Droppings: When birds and animals consume weeds, they can transfer the seeds through their feces.

Wind: The spores on a weed can be transferred by even the slightest gust of wind.

Latent Roots and Seeds: You may think your yard is clear of weeds now, but there could easily be seeds and roots that are below the surface of your soil.

How to Stop Weeds

Since the birds and the wind are out of your control, preventing weeds can be a daunting task. With our weed control services, your yard won’t have to be covered with pesky weeds this summer. In fact, neighbors might be green with envy when they see your lawn.

We are located in Carmel, but we also serve surrounding communities in central Indiana. Aside from weed control, our lawn care services include mulching, insect control, and mowing. Contact us today to learn about how we can treat your lawn and prevent any weed invasion.

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