Indianapolis Lawn Care Services: Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Homeowners all over Indiana are rejoicing as the harsh winter finally makes way for the pleasant temperatures and bright colors of spring. Your lawn took quite a beating during Jack Frost’s most recent visit and is most likely in need of professional Indianapolis lawn care services. Today we’ll discuss some steps you can take to help prepare your lawn for spring.

Below are some helpful tips for getting your yard spring-ready from Greenworks Lawn Care – the name Hoosiers trust for Indianapolis lawn care services.

Training Your Lawn: This might sound like a ridiculous notion, but you can actually train your grass with proper lawn care techniques. A simple way to do this is to water deeply. Plenty of homeowners water their lawn often, but do so with too little water. By watering less often with more water, you’ll train grass roots to dig deep for moisture – creating a thicker, lusher lawn for spring and summer.

Snow Mold: When winter snow finally melts away, inspect your lawn for “snow mold.” This invasive turf disease forms when snow accumulation and other debris cover your lawn and deprive it of precious oxygen. This makes it difficult for the grass to flourish and produces circles of lifeless, brown patches on your lawn. Luckily, by just keeping your lawn clear of leaves in late fall, mowing regularly in late summer, and employing professional lawn care services can keep your yard mold-free.

Time to Mulch: Early spring is when a lot of homeowners take to the yard and start making plans for the garden. One of the best things you can do for your garden is to add mulch. Mulch, among many other beneficial properties, helps prevent soil erosion and makes it harder for invasive weeds and insects to attack your garden, trees, and other pants.

It may take some elbow grease, but you can help your lawn recover from winter and have it looking spring fresh in no time with these tips. For Indianapolis lawn care services all year round, contact us at (317) 663-0222. From aeration to irrigation and even snow removal, the skilled professionals of Greenworks Lawn Care have the expertise it takes to turn your yard into a work of art.

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