Indianapolis Snow Removal: A Shovel-Free Winter, Pt 2

The winter season has kept a firm grip on our region for a few weeks now. Not surprisingly, ice- encrusted roads, below freezing temperatures, and large snowstorms have all been a common sight so far this year. If you want to maintain your free time and save your back from overexertion, we have some more compelling reasons to hire an Indianapolis snow removal company to combat the wintery menace.

Below are some more reasons to have a shovel-free winter with the Indianapolis snow removal professionals of GreenWorks Lawn Care.

Surprises: The old (and maybe overused) joke about Indianapolis weather is, if you don’t like it – just wait five minutes and it will change. While you may have heard this far too many times, the saying still rings true. You can’t always predict the crazy weather we have in this region every year. That’s why it may be impractical to spend money on a snow blower or plow of your own. With a professional snow removal company, you won’t have to worry about maintaining and wasting money on equipment you may only use once or twice in a lifetime.

Shoveling Isn’t Enough: You may have the necessary skills to clear the sidewalk, but sometimes a shovel just isn’t enough. For large driveways and parking lots, it’s best to call on a snow removal professional. Even if you can hoist a telephone pole above your head, shoveling heavy, wet snow in freezing (or below freezing) temperatures can be detrimental to anyone’s health. Plus, snow removal experts will be able to get rid of the powder in a fraction of the time it would take you with only a shovel.

Emergency Workers: If you’re an emergency worker, like an EMT, firefighter, or other kind of first responder, you’ll need to be able to get out of your house in a moment’s notice. If you’re wasting valuable moments clearing a path for your vehicle, it will be extremely difficult to get to the scene of an accident in time.

Spend time doing things you actually enjoy this winter by hiring the Indianapolis snow removal crew from GreenWorks Lawn Care. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222, and our seasoned team of snow removal experts will get right to work for you.

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