Lawn Renovation

Everyone wants lush, golf-course grass. However, what do you do if you’re staring at a sparse, brown plot instead? Greenworks Lawn Care has a convenient solution to your problems. We offer a custom lawn repair service that will transform your languishing grass into a lush lawn.

We’ve been renovating yards in Indianapolis, Carmel, and the surrounding areas since 1997. Contact us at (317) 663-0222 for a free estimate today.

Lawn Repair

When it comes to lawns, one remedy does not fix all; every yard requires a different solution to thrive. That’s why we develop a custom lawn restoration plan for each new customer. Even yards in the same neighborhood have different soil varieties, grass types, and surrounding habitats that affect the restoration plan. The specific problems of a yard vary, as well. While one yard may suffer from poor soil quality, another may struggle with invasive weeds and pests.

Our workers are experts at turf management; we’ll find your yard’s problem areas and develop a customized solution. We look forward to transforming your lawn into a beautiful landscape.

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Lawn Planting

If you’ve recently built a new house or completed a construction project that destroyed your once-green yard, we’ll help you start from scratch. Planting a new lawn requires great care and preparation now so you can have verdant results later. Planting properly often includes the following steps:

Whether you’re planting a brand-new plot or you’re replacing a lawn that can’t be salvaged, leave the hard work to the professionals at Greenworks. We look forward to helping you cultivate a flourishing yard.

Greenworks Values

As one of the premie lawn care specialists in the Indianapolis area, we provide high-quality services. But we don’t stop there.

We continue to care for our customers by offering the following benefits:

✔  Incredible Customer Service: We return calls quickly, arrive punctually, and clearly answer any questions. We also value building relationships with our customers.

✔  Innovative Services: The lawn care industry is constantly transforming. We stay up-to-date on the latest innovations so we can offer you the best services.

✔  Affordable Prices: Nurturing a yard shouldn’t break your budget; we offer competitive rates that make yard care affordable.

Call (317) 663-0222 to schedule a lawn repair today. Also ask about our winter snow removal services. We look forward to serving you. We serve the communities of Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville, ,Zionsville, and Brownsburg.