How to Prevent the 5 Most Irritating Lawn Pests

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To have good health, you have to treat your body right, so it’s no surprise that the same principle can be applied to your lawn. Without the proper maintenance and care, your lawn may become more susceptible to pests and diseases. Factors such as poor drainage, lack of nutrients, and incorrect pH in the soil can make your yard defenseless against a variety of outdoor nuisances.

At Greenworks Lawn Care, we provide the best solution to ridding your yard of insects and weeds. Aside from our professional lawn care services, you can take a proactive approach in preventing these five irritating pests from inhabiting your lawn:

  1. Ants: Nothing ruins an immaculate lawn quite like unsightly ant hills. Although commercial ant powders and spray are available in stores, they are mostly aimed at targeting indoor infestations. For ant nests that are deep in the soil, you should mail order the nematode Steinernema feltiae, which functions as a biological control.
  2. Chafer Grubs: These larvae of the chafer beetle destroy yards by feeding on grass roots. Nematodes and chemical controls can be used to eliminate this type of grub.
  3. Leatherjackets: The larvae of crane flies and daddy longlegs can cause unattractive yellow or brown patches on your lawn. An easy solution is to cover the lawn with plastic. The larvae will attach themselves to the surface and become easy prey for birds.
  4. Moles: Mowing your lawn can be difficult if you have to constantly dodge mole hills. To get rid of these pests, place mole traps in the tunnels instead of using harmful chemicals.
  5. Worm casts: Although earthworms are considered “nature’s plow,” they leave behind casts on lawn surfaces. When you mow over these casts, it actually kills the grass underneath them. Make sure to brush off dry casts and avoid overwatering your lawn to avoid a huge population of worms.

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