Lawn Care Problems Commonly Found in Indiana

Across our great Nation, different states have different issues when it comes to lawn care. Things like temperature, precipitation, and soil quality vary greatly from state to state, so it makes sense that lawn care needs would also differ. In Indiana, our climate and soil are perfect for growing corn and soybeans, but maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn isn’t always so easy. At Greenworks Lawn Care, we’ve been helping Indiana homeowners attain lush lawns since 1997, so you know we understand common lawn care problems found in Indiana.

Indiana Lawn Care

Planting the Wrong Grass

If your grass just doesn’t seem quite right, it could be that is it incompatible with the Indiana climate. Due to the temperature, soil composition, and weather patterns of Indiana, only certain species of grass are able to thrive. So, it could be that you or the previous homeowner planted the wrong type of grass when they built or renovated your home. If your grass isn’t growing correctly, check with a professional to see if your lawn needs to be re-planted with an Indiana-compatible grass. They typically include: Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass.

Not Sticking to a Schedule

Sticking to a lawn care schedule is important no matter where you live, but the schedule may differ from state to state. In Indiana, it’s best to control weeds in the spring, control pests in the early summer, aerate in the fall, and fertilize in the late fall. A healthy lawn needs each of these treatments every year, but for best results, they need to be done at the right time of year.

Neglecting Weed Control

Finally, any lawn can become overrun by weeds and pests if not treated properly. In Indiana, the two most common weeds are crabgrass and dandelions. Both grow in patches and seem to return year after year. Other pests include grubs, beetles, and chinch bugs. These weeds or pests can destroy your lawn if you’re not careful, and that is why we recommend working with a professional who knows how to combat Indiana-specific problems.

Trust the experts at Greenworks Lawn Care to make your Indiana lawn thrive. We have a large variety of lawn care services, plus we offer snow and ice removal in the winter time. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to make an appointment.

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