How to Get Greener Grass

Are you dreaming of a lush, Crayola-green lawn, soft enough that you can run around on it in your bare feet? Many Indianapolis residents try year after year to achieve the greenest lawn on the block. But what does it require to take an “okay” lawn to the next level? Consider these tips from Greenworks Lawn Care of Carmel, IN.

green grass

1. Choose fertilizer formulated for your region and the time of year.

Many Indy residents don’t realize that just any old fertilizer isn’t going to transform their lawns. You need a lawn fertilization plan formulated specifically for the grass type you want, for your part of Indiana, and for the season. If you aren’t sure which type of fertilizer is best for your grass, talk to a lawn care professional or hire fertilization services to take care of it for you.

2. Don’t over (or under) water your lawn.

Experts indicate that most residential lawns need around 1 inch of water per week—that’s not a ton. You want to water your lawn enough to make sure it’s staying green and nourished, but without soaking it. The best time of day to water your lawn is early in the morning or later in the day, avoiding peak temperatures and evaporation. Water that evaporates never reaches your grass’s roots.

3. Keep insects and weeds at bay.

These lawn pests can wreak havoc on your green grass. Your best bet is to try to prevent both insects and weeds from happening in the first place. At Greenworks Lawn Care, we can help you develop a lawn care plan to avoid or to eliminate lawn pests.

4. Aerate your lawn every fall.

In Indianapolis, we have soil that has a high percentage of clay—making it difficult for grass to get the water and nutrients it needs beneath the surface. Aeration removes small plugs of soil from your lawn, thus allowing your soil to breathe and get the nutrients it needs to thrive. Because most people don’t own an aerator, your best bet is to hire a lawn professional to do it for you.

For more tips on getting your grass greener, talk to the professionals at Greenworks Lawn Care of Carmel, IN. We can take care of all your lawn services for you—from fertilization to mowing and mulching. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to schedule a lawn care consultation.

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