Why is Lawn Fertilization Important?

With air temperatures on the rise, Indianapolis homeowners are beginning to think about getting their lawns in shape for spring. One important part of lawn care is fertilization. “But why?” you ask. We at Greenworks Lawn Care can give you three reasons why lawn fertilization is a spring necessity.

1. Prevent weed growth.

Stopping pesky weeds before they start means a better-looking lawn and less hassle for you. Proper lawn fertilization and maintenance can keep weeds at bay.

2. Ward off lawn pests.

Want to avoid a grub or beetle infestation? Lawn fertilization helps discourage lawn pests from making your grass their home.

3. Strengthen your lawn’s root system.

One of the most visible benefits to fertilization is a green, healthy lawn. You might compare lawn fertilization to super foods. Like kale or blueberries for the body, fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to be at its best. A strong, healthy lawn is greener and better able to withstand changing Indiana weather.

At Greenworks Lawn Care, we have lawn fertilization down to a science. Our six-step fertilization process gives your lawn the nutrients it needs at just the right time of year. Plus, by pairing fertilization with professional lawn aeration or irrigation, you are giving your grass everything it needs to succeed in the summer months ahead.

Contact Greenworks Lawn Care of Indianapolis today at (317) 663-0222. We can help answer any lawn fertilization questions or schedule your lawn care.

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