3 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Here in the Midwest, winter is upon us. Homeowners are putting their lawn care tools and mowers into storage for the winter and planning to ignore their lawns until next spring. However, while it’s true that your lawn needs less care in the winter, it would be a mistake not to take a few steps to ensure that it comes back looking beautiful and lush when the weather gets warm. Our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is here to help with a few great winter lawn tips.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

1. Clean Your Lawn

To protect your lawn from suffocating or contracting diseases, it’s important to keep it clean throughout the fall and winter. Leaves piled up or becoming too wet can cause real damage to the grass, so be sure to clear them off before winter really sets in. A good way to deal with leaves is to use your lawn mower to mulch them into dime-sized pieces that will recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. However, if they’ve become too wet or thick, you’ll need to rake them up and remove them. Finally, be sure to remove any furniture or toys from your lawn.

2. Let Your Lawn Rest

In the winter, your lawn is dormant, which means it is taking a rest from the growth and production it does in the spring and summer. In order to let it get proper rest, try to avoid walking on it when it is frosted and dormant. Even strong grass can become weak if the same path is walked on too many times.

3. Schedule a Lawn Renovation

Renovation is an excellent way to repair, beautify, and strengthen your lawn, keeping your property beautiful and clean. Before winter rolls around, it’s a great idea to schedule a lawn renovation to help fortify and repair your lawn before winter’s relentless snow, freezing rain, and cold weather take a serious toll. A custom renovation could involve fighting off pests and weeds, improving soil quality, planting new grass, or some other unique option.

Greenworks offers a wealth of experience and unmatched professionalism when it comes to repairing and renovating lawns in Indianapolis, Carmel, and neighboring communities. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to schedule a lawn repair and renovation appointment.

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