4 Tips for Planting Grass Seed

Summer is coming to an end here in Indiana and homeowners are ready for backyard campfires and sweatshirt weather. At Greenworks Lawn Care, we know that the start of the school year doesn’t mean the end of warm weather, so don’t hunker down for winter just yet. We’re sharing some easy grass seed tips so you can keep your yard looking great for months to come.

Grass Seeding Tips

1. Plant in the Fall

In the Indianapolis area, the best time to plant grass seed is either in the early spring or early fall. It is very hard to keep seed moist in the summer without having to water it continuously. But if you need to plant in the summer, place peat moss or something similar to prevent the seed from drying out. However, planting during early fall actually produces the best results because (1) the soil is warm, thus favoring a higher percentage of seed germination, and (2) moisture levels are more favorable.

2. Prepare the Soil

Soil preparation is the one of the most important features of planting grass seed. The best soil is able to hold moisture, full of organic matter, and loose. Make sure you rid the area of all weeds, roots, rocks, etc. Finally, till your soil for the best results and level the area once tilling is complete.

3. Use the Correct Amount of Seed

As a rule of thumb, you only need between 10 to 12 seeds for each square inch of soil. Applying too much will not allow the seed to contact the soil properly, thus hindering germination. You can use a spreader to evenly disperse the grass seed, but if you have a small area, using your hands is fine. For hand-seeding, use 4 parts sawdust to 1 part seed. This will disperse the seeds evenly.

4. Water

Water is a very important aspect of all seeding processes. It is more important if the weather is very hot and dry. It is important for the first inch of soil to continually stay moist. For the first 10 days, water your grass 3 times a day for about 10 minutes. Of course, if it rains, you do not need to water as often. Watering in the morning is a good idea too, as water will not evaporate as rapidly when temperatures are still cool. But, as long as the lawn is absorbing the water, you can water at your convenience.

Call in the Experts

Contact Greenworks Lawn Care this fall at (317) 663-0222 to get the yard you’ve always wanted. We offer a full range of lawn care services including lawn restoration and snow removal services. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

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