3 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care

Are you considering hiring lawn care professionals to get your lawn looking greener and healthier? Do you wonder what the pros can do that you can’t? We at Greenworks Lawn Care understand that lawn service is an investment, and you want to make a careful decision. Here are three reasons why we believe that professional lawn care is worth the cost.

lawn care

1. We understand what your lawn needs.

Each lawn has specific needs that can vary season to season. With the changing Indiana weather, your lawn care regimen needs to be adjusted. Because we understand different types of grass and how they respond, we can adjust treatments based on the season, helping you keep your grass looking good year round.

2. We save you valuable time.

Caring for your lawn—especially if it’s in need of repair—can feel like a full-time job. By leaving your lawn to the pros, you can spend your time doing other things. Don’t mess with aeration or fertilization. Instead, spend more time in the pool, or take a much-needed vacation!

3. We go beneath the surface.

A healthy lawn is much more than mowing and fertilization. You also need to keep insects and other pests under control in order to keep your lawn’s roots healthy and nourished. Insects like grubs can overtake your lawn without careful lawn maintenance and pest prevention.

Still have questions about lawn services or want a price quote? Contact Greenworks Lawn Care of Indianapolis at (317) 663-0222. We offer lawn services from irrigation, fertilization, lawn repair, and more for customers in Brownsburg, Fishers, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Westfield, and the surrounding areas.

photo credit: Mowing Grass via photopin (license)

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