Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is in full swing, bringing many days of hot weather and outdoor activities, so it’s important to keep your grass strong and healthy. Here are a few tips for maintaining an ideal lawn during the summer months from our professionals at Greenworks Lawn Care.

Summer Lawn Care Services

Water Early and Deeply

All watering should try to be accomplished between 6 and 10 a.m. so your soil can absorb all the moisture before evaporating in the daytime sun. You want to water long enough for the moisture to penetrate the soil four to six inches deep.

Mow High

Early in summer, mow high and leave the grass clippings. Tall blades of grass obtain more light during the day and nourish the roots. Grass clippings will break down and add additional nutrients to your soil. Need help mowing? Keep your lawn consistently well manicured with our lawn care services.

High-Traffic Areas

Popular pathways to and from your home usually wear down your lawn, especially during summer. Installing a few stepping stones in key areas is an easy DIY project and will reduce damage to your grass.

Take a Walk

Try to walk your lawn every other day to find any new instance of weeds. It’s crucial to continue to spot-spray weeds throughout the summer before they take up too much real estate. For medium to larger size lawns, this can be quite the undertaking for a homeowner, which is why our Greenworks team has included spot weed control in its 6-step lawn fertilization process.

Need help finding the best solution for your lawn? Contact Greenworks Lawn Care to make an appointment for lawn treatments, or call (317) 663-0222. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas including BrownsburgWestfieldFishersNoblesvilleZionsville, and Carmel.

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