It’s Time for Summer Lawn Care

Summer in Indiana is a time to celebrate. School is out for the season and families get to enjoy extra time together experiencing outdoor fun. However, the beginning of summer also means it’s time to start getting serious about your lawn care plan. If you have plans to spend the summer outside in your yard, you’ll need to put in the work. A lush, green lawn that the whole family can enjoy does not come easily. Follow these tips from Greenworks Lawn Care to start getting your lawn ready for a fun summer!

Summer Lawn Care

Mow High

The first few times you mow your grass for the season, you want to set your mower blades to mow high. This will encourage strong root growth and heat tolerance in your lawn. Taller grass provides more shade, which will keep weeds from germinating and taking over your lawn. Also, make sure your blades are sharpened before mowing as dull blades will shred your grass and make it more susceptible to losing moisture. Finally, we recommend leaving the clippings spread evenly throughout your lawn so they can decompose and help feed your grass.

Treat for Pests

Insects and pests come out in full force in the summertime. And while not all bugs are bad for your lawn, there are several that should not be ignored. At Greenworks, we recommend professional pest control so you can have peace of mind in knowing that the treatment will drive away current pests and stop new ones from invading your lawn. We specialize in ants, spiders, and mosquitos, to keep your lawn healthy and your yard a pleasant place to spend time.

Water Deeply

Finally, to ensure your lawn is thriving, make sure you are watering correctly. Dry, hot weather can deplete your soil’s moisture, which can lead to wilted grass and a greater susceptibility to pests and weeds. Your lawn needs to be watered thoroughly once or twice a week, and you should make sure the water is reaching four to six inches deep. Try to water your lawn mid-morning before the sun has reached its peak, so your lawn will be able to soak it all up. Also, pay attention to the weather forecast so you don’t water your lawn too much when rain is expected.

Would you rather spend your summer enjoying your family instead of working on your lawn? Our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is proud to serve our Indianapolis neighbors by keeping lawns green and thriving each year. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to make an appointment for your summer lawn treatment.

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