How to Fix Thin, Patchy Grass

Has your home been plagued with a patchy lawn? At Greenworks Lawn Care, serving communities in Carmel and beyond, we know that patchy grass isn’t a permanent phase for your yard if the right lawn care services are applied. Fortunately, these helpful lawn repair methods can transform a thin plot of grass into a lush lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Get a Soil Test

Chronic lawn problems may actually be caused by the soil, not the grass itself. The best investment you can make for your lawn is to start off with a soil test. Our experts can pinpoint your soil’s pH level and assess which vital nutrients are missing. Our team is educated on the best process for getting your soil’s pH level to the optimal place for a flourishing lawn.

Aerate Your Soil

When analyzing your property’s soil, we may recommend aeration as the next step. Our aeration service breaks up compact soil, allowing your grass to get the necessary water, nutrients, and oxygen delivered to its roots. Making the soil less compact also allows for more efficient water absorption, so your lawn will need far less water than it did before. After aeration, the grass will also begin to form deeper roots that will allow it to survive harsh weather conditions.

Best Lawn Repair Services in Carmel

Hire a Lawn Repair Team

Although aeration is effective, your patchy lawn may need more than one service to get it fully restored. While one remedy works for one property, another may need more TLC. We’ve crafted our lawn repair services for our clients in Carmel and the surrounding areas to be tailored to each yard.

When you set up an appointment with Greenworks, we’ll develop a custom lawn repair plan based on the soil, grass type, and surrounding habitat. The lawn you’ve dreamed of is just a phone call away. Contact Greenworks Lawn Care at (317) 663-0222 to discuss a customized lawn repair process for your property.

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