Gutter Cleaning with Your Indianapolis Lawn Care Specialist

Fall’s arrival marks more than just trick or treating, late night bonfires, and trips to the pumpkin patch – it also brings leaves, and lots of them. If you’re dreading busting out the ladder and bucket yet again, the crew here at Greenworks, your trusted Indianapolis lawn care specialist, has come up with some helpful tips to make this year’s gutter cleaning season a little easier.

Cleaning the gutters may not be the most glamorous job, but it is necessary for the overall health of your Indianapolis home. Improperly maintained gutters that are filled with debris and decaying plant matter can cause issues down the road. In winter, clogged downspouts and gutters can create ice dams that can seriously damage your roof and lead to expensive repairs in the future.

As an experienced Indianapolis lawn care provider, Greenworks Lawn Care has seen it all. Below are some tips to get your gutters clean while keeping you safe.


•Ladder (to reach gutters)

•Bucket (to hold debris and gunk)

•Gloves (to keep hands dirt-free)

•Eye Protection (to keep foreign objects out of your precious, precious eyes)

•Scoop (for hard to grab gunk along the bottom of gutters)

Stay Safe: Always alert a neighbor or family member before climbing a ladder up to the roof. If a terrible incident were to happen, and you accidentally fell, you’re going to want someone close by to provide help and call an ambulance. It only takes a short fall to cause serious injury, no matter what you’re doing.

Don’t be a Hero: It can be hard to admit when we need help. Nobody wants to feel weak, but when it comes to serious, labor-intensive work, you should know your limits. If you need help cleaning out your gutters, don’t hesitate to ask family members or friends for assistance. It’s better to have a bruised ego than a broken hip.

Hopefully these tips will make this year’s gutter cleaning project go by much more smoothly for you. For lawn care needs that you can’t accomplish on your own, contact the Indianapolis lawn care experts of Greenworks at 317-663-0222. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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