4 Tips for Surviving Winter Weather

A typical Indianapolis winter brings with it an average snowfall of about 26 inches. However, if you’ve lived in Indiana for more than a couple of years, you know that number can easily double during any particular winter. Greenworks Lawn Care, an Indianapolis snow removal expert, wants to pass along these four tips for getting through the wintry months.

1. Check the forecast.

We all know that a forecast is subject to change. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to winter weather in Indy. If meteorologists are calling for large amounts of snowfall, you will want to be prepared and have a snow removal plan.

2. Don’t forget to have fun!

Yes, shoveling snow or scraping ice off your car windows isn’t a treat. But an Indiana winter is much more bearable if you let yourself enjoy it a bit. Bundle up and take a walk, start a snowball fight with friends, or go sledding. Make the most of the season!

3. Keep an emergency kit in your home and car.

At one point or another, we are all caught off guard by winter weather. But you can be prepared for these occasions by packing an emergency kit in your vehicle or at home. Experts recommend that your emergency kit include:

  • Ice melt (like rock salt or sand)
  • Snow removal tools
  • Heat source if you lose heat
  • Cold-weather attire, coats, and blankets
  • Emergency names/numbers

We would also recommend some snacks and bottled water in case you can’t get out to get groceries.

4. Create a snow-removal plan.

Have a plan of attack before that snow begins to fall. Make sure you have adequate supplies for snow removal on hand, and be sure to refill items like salt or sand when they start getting low.

If you’d rather leave your snow removal to someone else, you can also contract out the work to a snow-removal contractor. That way, when the snow begins to fall, you can rest assured that the snow around your home will be removed without any back-breaking work on your part.

During the winter months, Greenworks Lawn Care of Indianapolis, IN, focuses its attention on snow removal services. From snow plowing and ice salting to snow removal, we can help you create a snow-removal plan that fits your needs. Contact Greenworks Lawn Care today at (317) 663-0222 to get a quote for snow removal.

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