4 Lawn Care Tips to Prep for Fall

Summer is winding down and fall is upon us in Indiana. This means damper weather and cooler temperatures. It’s also a great time to get your lawn into good shape before winter hits so that it can thrive next spring. Here are four lawn care tips to implement this fall from the team at Greenworks Lawn Care.

Lawn Care Tips to Prep for Fall

1. Raise Your Mower

As the weather becomes cooler, refrain from scalping your grass. In the fall, raise the mower by 1/2 to 1 inch. The grass benefits from an increase in leaf area. As winter approaches, more food is stored in grass roots thanks to increased leaf area absorbing sunlight. As the leaf area increases, the lawn will also get denser, preventing weed growth during the grass’s dormant period.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn

The majority of lawn care experts advise fertilizing turf only once a year, in the fall. Typically, this refers to late September to November. Before the onset of cold air causes grass blades to begin to yellow, apply fertilizer. Fall feeding encourages the growth of leaf blades, which increases the amount of food stored in grass roots. These food reserves ensure that the grass survives the winter and quickly regenerates in the spring.

3. Pull the Weeds

By applying a pre-emergent herbicide to lawns in the early fall, you can get a head start on perennial weeds like dandelion and henbit. By treating in the fall, seeds that fell onto the grass in the early summer (before the temperatures increased) are prevented from sprouting. It also lessens the number of weeds that will emerge in the spring.

4. Seed Bare Spots

Simple seeding can be used to fill in minor bare patches in lawns. In the cooler fall temperatures, new grass grows swiftly, establishing roots and increasing top growth. Don’t forget to water the lawn’s recently seeded areas. Be sure to stay off the freshly planted lawn so the roots can take hold.

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