10 Essential Lawn Care Tools

Keeping your lawn clean and tidy can be a tedious process. That is why we normally recommend hiring a professional lawn care company to handle that work for you. If you want to tackle it yourself, however, there are some tools that will make your life much simpler. Continue reading to learn more about 10 essential lawn care tools from the team at Greenworks Lawn Care.

10 Essential Lawn Care Tools

1. Lawn Mower

Even if you employ someone else to cut the grass, you should still have this crucial lawn tool on hand in case you need to give the lawn a quick trim before the in-laws arrive or if the neighborhood landscaper doesn’t show up.

2. Trimmer

This tool can reach areas that your mower can’t, such as those around tree trunks. However, if you turn it on its side, it may also be used as an edger (around your road or landscaping beds).

3. Leaf Rake

Naturally, a good rake will be sufficient to handle your fall responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also purchase a blower-mulcher combo as an additional tool for the job.

4. Soil Rake

A soil rake will level out your garden or spread your mulch because it is firmer than a leaf rake. It can even be used to maintain a drive or pea gravel path.

5. Spreader

Purchase a compact hand-held or wheeled spreader to apply fertilizer and grass seed while improving the appearance of your property.

6. Snow Shovel

For snowy areas, this is a necessity for keeping driveways and sidewalks clear. A snow shovel also works well as an outdoor dustpan for cleaning up after projects.

7. Spade Shovel

This is a crucial lawn care tool for various landscaping tasks including moving a shrub, planting a tree, or digging a hole.

8. Pruners

Your go-to tool for tending to and shaping your ornamental shrubs and flowers is a pair of small shears. Your yard will look great if you keep them sharp.

9. Hose

This is an obvious must-have in order to keep your lawn and flowers adequately watered. Add a proper spray nozzle and possibly even a sprinkler. If nothing else, the kids will love running through it on a summer day.

10. Hedge Shears

If you have a pair of these, your neighbors will appreciate it. Keep this necessary lawn maintenance tool on hand to manage unruly hedges.

Greenworks Lawn Care is located in Carmel, Indiana, and serves Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and the surrounding communities. With winter fast approaching, we’ll even take care of your snow removal. You can contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to schedule an appointment.

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