What Is Included in a Snow Removal Contract?

Each year, Greenworks Lawn Care provides snow removal to the residents of Carmel, Fishers, and the surrounding areas. We’ve been providing this service for home and business owners since 1997, so we know all about the best practices and procedures for combating winter weather in a safe and timely manner. Today, we’re discussing what is included in a typical snow removal contract so you can know what to expect when you work with us.

Snow Removal Contracts

Snow Plowing

Plowing your driveway and sidewalks makes life easier for everyone in your home or building. Removing the snow allows you to wear all types of shoes without having to worry about them getting wet, and prevents unwanted accidents. Our speedy snowplow clears driveways and parking lots in just minutes, leaving you free to spend your time in the warm indoors.

Ice Salting

After plowing, we spread salt in your driveway, on your steps, or in your parking lot to discourage ice from forming. We use salt on our properties because it tends to work faster. To stay ahead of the weather, it’s especially useful in conditions where snow is rapidly falling. However, we also take precautions to ensure the salt does not cause damage to the outside of your building, and that it’s not tracked in on shoes. We make sure to only use the proper amount, and make sure home and business owners know to remove any salt tracked in.

Ice Removal

Ice removal, while beneficial to homeowners, is especially important for business owners. Removing the ice from your property limits the liability you would have if a customer slips and falls on your property. Of course, you want to reduce the risk of injury to everyone, however, your insurance company will thank you for investing in ice removal. If you’ve ever slipped on a patch of ice, you know how dangerous it is. Don’t take that risk; instead, stay safe with our ice removal service.

Give yourself the gift of a shovel-free winter this year with snow removal service from Greenworks Lawn Care. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 for a free estimate for snow removal or lawn care.

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