The Value of Winterizing Your Lawn

Indiana Lawn CareYou may have read the debates about whether to winterize your lawn. Winterization is the application of a fertilizer in late fall, specially formulated to nourish your lawn throughout the winter months. However, if you do a quick Internet search, you can find a lot of information out there both supporting and denying the need for winterization. Let our team at Greenworks Lawn Care set the record straight and explain why we always include winterization in our six-step fertilization process.

1. Stay with the program.

Our six-step fertilization program begins in March and includes specific applications throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Each application is necessary for your lawn’s health. By skipping a step, especially the last one, you risk not giving your lawn what it needs throughout the year. Some experts might even argue that the last step is the most important one.

2. Meet the needs of your Indiana grass.

Indiana is in a cold-grass climate. Most of the grass you find in this area is either fescue or a bluegrass variation. These grasses require winterization treatments because they’re exposed to the drastic change of seasons and harsh winters. Winterization gives them the staying power to last the winter and emerge strongly on the other side.

3. Help your lawn hibernate.

Okay, your lawn may not hibernate exactly like a bear or a chipmunk, but winter does cause grass to stop growing and become dormant. But like a bear or a chipmunk, your grass needs nutrients to help it stay healthy through the cold winter months. Our winterization application is specially formulated to help grass better withstand the cold temperatures and elements we face almost every year in Noblesville, Zionsville, Indianapolis, and Carmel.

Still have questions about winterizing your lawn? Feel free to gives us a call anytime. You can contact Greenworks Lawn Care today at (317) 663-0222 to find out more or to schedule your winterization treatment for late October or November.


photo credit: En garde via photopin (license)

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