Start Thinking about Your Summer Lawn Now!

Well folks, we’ve survived another brutal Indiana winter. Though freezing temperatures and snow may still be in our near future, spring is just over the horizon and it’s time to start readying your lawn for summer. If your lawn is looking patchy, weedy, and not very green now, chances are you’ll have the same problem once grass growth begins in the warmer weather. Our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is here to help you start preparing now for a greener summer.

Spring Lawn Care

Start with the Soil

Your first step toward a better lawn is to find out what you’re working with underneath. Start by finding a basic home soil testing kit at any garden center, determine your soil’s pH, and then work toward correcting any imbalances. If you suspect nutrient imbalances, a more advanced testing kit can reveal specific nutrient deficiencies or excesses. Ask at your local garden center for information on testing services; many are free or low-cost, and come with recommendations for correcting any problems you might discover.

Get Ahead of the Weeds

Keeping weeds out of the lawn also starts now. You don’t want to fall behind for the season, as prevention is easier than managing weeds later. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide between February and April will stop crabgrass and many other weeds from making an appearance this spring. For those who prefer organic approaches, corn gluten meal-based pre-emergents can be effective in preventing weeds when used exactly as directed and if rainfall cooperates.

Consider Lawn Aeration

Finally, to get your lawn on the healthier path, aeration services are key. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots, allowing for better growth. Aeration is also the only process that can effectively break up lawn thatch — a layer of dead organic material that inhibits grass growth.

If you are stressed about your lawn care to-do list, it’s best to call in the pros! Our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is proud to serve our Indianapolis neighbors by keeping lawns green and thriving each year. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 to make an appointment for your spring lawn treatment.

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