Fall Lawn Maintenance in Indianapolis

Temperatures are beginning to drop in Indiana! Fall is here, friends. And while you’re probably tired of mowing your lawn or keeping those pesky weeds at bay, fall is not the time to neglect your lawn. Fall lawn maintenance is important to keeping a healthy, green lawn for years to come. Greenworks Lawn Care of Indianapolis has some suggestions for how to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months.

Fertilization: Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the Indiana winter.

Applying fertilizer to your lawn helps reduce weeds and gives your grass’s root system a nutrient boost. A special blend of fall fertilizer, applied at the right time, can help prepare your lawn for the winter months.

About.com notes the importance of knowing your grass type (cool season versus warm season) before applying fall fertilizer, noting that “fertilizing warm season grasses in the fall may interfere with that hardening-off process.” If you’re unsure of your lawn’s grass type or what’s typical in your region, we recommend contacting a lawn care professional.

Aeration: Let your lawn breathe a little!

Many people think that regular mowing, weeding, or even a bit of fertilizer is enough to keep your lawn looking nice. But to really maximize your Indiana lawn’s potential, you need to aerate it in the fall.

Better Homes and Gardens urges homeowners to aerate cool-season grasses in early fall and recommends that you “make sure that the aerator you use pulls plugs of soil from the turf rather than simply punching holes in the ground, which actually increases compaction over time.”

Lawn Mowing: Adjust the height of your lawn mower.

Fall is not the time to bald your lawn. If you cut your lawn closer to the ground during summer months, it may be time to adjust your lawn mower blade height. The Weekend Gardener offers this advice about choosing a height: “Best results are obtained by mowing at the highest setting on your mower. In no case should the mowing leave the grass less than 1.5 inches (3.75 cm) tall.”

If you need help with your Indianapolis fall lawn maintenance, consider Greenworks Lawn Care. Greenworks has been taking care of Indiana lawns for 15 years and knows how to best prepare your grass for winter weather. Call our office today at 317-663-0222 to ask about fall lawn maintenance.

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