3 Steps to the Perfect Spring Lawn

Step outside and take a deep breath in, because spring is finally on its way in Indiana. Say goodbye to the never-ending winter months and hello to green grass, blooming flowers, and blue skies. There is something hopeful about spring, and our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is just as excited as you are! However, before you go dancing happily across your yard, you should probably pay it some attention with these 3 steps.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

1. Let It Breathe

You’ve heard us say it before, but it’s so important we’re saying it again. Aerate your lawn! If you want lush summer grass to impress your neighbors, you’ve got to combat tightly packed soil and let in water and air. Aeration is a simple process whereby plugs of soil are taken from your lawn and deposited on the ground to reduce the compacted soil and promote growth and health of your grass. Trust us, your lawn will thank you for it.

2. Clean It Up

Your next step is to get rid of thatch, or the dead leaves and stems left over from the cold winter months. The thatch can stop water and nutrients from getting to the roots and can also cause lawn diseases. If it is too wet or small to pick up with your hands, simply run your mower over it towards the end of winter to turn the thatch into mulch for your lawn.

3. Protect It

Now that your lawn is clean and breathing, it’s time to talk about weed protection. Now is the time to stop weeds from popping up along with your blooming flowers. A good weed preventer will form a barrier on top of the soil in order to keep weeds from emerging. However, keep in mind that aerating comes before weed prevention, and don’t use weed preventer if you’re sowing grass seeds this year.

Consult the Professionals

While mowing is a regular part of most homeowners’ maintenance routines, aeration and weed prevention are generally best left to trained professionals. Contact Greenworks Lawn Care today at (317) 663-0222 for a customized estimate on getting your lawn springtime-ready, or for all of your lawn care needs.

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