3 Lawn Care Myths Debunked!

Achieving a lush, green lawn can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Between the mowing, weed eating, and fertilizing, you may feel like there is always work to be done. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with your lawn care, it can be tempting to try a few tricks that might make for quicker and cheaper results. However, our team at Greenworks Lawn Care is here to warn you against such tricks, and instead trust your lawn to professional methods.

Lawn Care Myths

1. Alternative Fertilizers

If you search on the Internet for alternatives to expensive fertilizers, you may come up with common household products such as beer or cola. The two ingredients in beer – yeast and carbohydrates – may seem good for your plants. However, the simple sugars contained in these drinks will not do your lawn any favors. Just like people, grass needs complex carbohydrates to grow. Additionally, the yeast in beer is more likely to encourage fungus to grow, rather than healthy microbes.

2. Spiked Shoes for Aeration

This one seems like a no-brainer. After all, you could wear spiked shoes or even golf shoes as you mow, and kill two birds with one stone. However, most specialists agree that at least 5% of the soil’s surface needs to be aerated to alleviate a compacted lawn, and that is just not something you can accomplish with spiked shoes. Your best option is to rent a core aerator or hire a professional to aerate your lawn.

3. Alternative Pest Control

There are no shortage of alternative tips and tricks to get rid of common lawn pests. Things like chewing gum, castor oil, cod liver oil, or tobacco, are said to rid your lawn of moles; however, this is simply not true. As weather gets hotter in summer, and the soil in your lawn gets drier, moles move from surface tunnels further underground, to a network of main tunnels and nests. Unfortunately, trapping is really the only effective way to control and get rid of moles.

Instead of trying to save time with lawn care shortcuts, get it done the right way with Greenworks Lawn Care in Indianapolis, IN. We can do everything from mowing to lawn renovations to snow removal. Contact us today at (317) 663-0222 for a free estimate.

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